Steel by Göhlin

STEEL by Göhlin

Catrine Göhlin/Pontus Lomar

Visual identity, website and custom made patterns for the Swedish steel furniture manufacturer.

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Patio furniture with die cut pattern

STEEL by Göhlin started out as a collaboration between the entrepreneur Catrine Göhlin and the architect Pontus Lomar. The two first met for Catrine’s own villa renovation. The project soon expanded to include custom-designed furniture. The pieces in the collection share steel as the main component. The design is characterized by simplicity and craftsmanship all produced in Sweden.

We created a visual identity with matching patterns derived from the mark. Catrine Göhlin inherited the company from her father and has a very personal approach to it. We wanted to include this in the design. We were thinking of the sparks present in the steelmaking, the sun (a favourite symbol of Catrine Göhlin), and the elegant structures of one of the company’s first design Chair no 1 by Pontus Lomar.

We designed a pattern for the patio furniture that could be die cut to let through rain and dew. Catrines favourite flower is the tulip and we liked the idea of using the triangles in the mark reminiscent of tulip leaves.

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Mark and logo

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Pattern made out of the logo to be used for promotional use

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Special pattern to be used as die cut on outdoor furniture