Watched! Surveillance Art and Photography

Watched! Surveillance, Art and Photography

Hasselblad Foundation

Publication and graphics for the exhibition Watched! Surveillance Art and Photography at Hasselblad Center and c/o Berlin.

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The exhibition Watched! Surveillance Art and Photography featured work of artists and photographers reflecting upon the impacts of surveillance. We designed the visual identity, the exhibition design, publication and invitations.

The publication featured a range of different artist, and we wanted to create a design that could truly represent the theme. Inspired by optical illusions we made a big eye on the cover. At close up, it is vibrating and is almost abstract, but at a distance, the image appears. We choose the »eye« as a symbol to achieve the illusion of being watched (in a quite uncomfortable way).

The book was listed as one of »The most beautiful photo books 2016« by TIME Magazine.

The expressive cover made it fun to display in the museum shops, creating the effect of many eyes looking right at you. The landscape format of the monitor decided the proportions of the book.

At c/o Berlin the cover image was enlarged and worked well as a backdrop and title wall adding a lot of character to the exhibition.

The Hasselblad Foundation commissioned the work in collaboration with c/o Berlin, Galleri Image, Kunsthal Aarhus, Valand Academy. The book was published by Walther König.

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