The Swedish Institute

Logo for the Swedish Institute

Svenska institutet/The Swedish Institute

Logo and wordmark for the Swedish Institute.

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The Swedish Institute contacted us to update their logo and simplified it to make it work in digital media. During the sketching process, we realised that it lost all its character and we suggested that the institute let us create a totally new design. We made a word mark where the dot over the ‘i’ moved to create a punctuation mark. We were inspired by the idea that the institute was present in other places than in Sweden. The displacement of the dot represented that movement. The choice to move the dot was also motivated by the fact that we did not want to confuse Si with the word »Sí«, »Yes« in Spanish.

The logo has been redesigned since we made it but the wordmark with the moving dot has remained the same with small alterations.

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Institute suédois in Paris

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The original logo